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Bertis Mercedes Sánchez

My name is Bertis Mercedes Sanchez Melendez, I am from Venezuela, Carora, Lara state.

Migrating is an action that we do out of necessity, since we migrate looking for economic improvement and a better quality of life. My situation changed in the quality of life since in my country Venezuela did not have stability in the services such as: cleaning, electricity, water; I think it is a little more accessible here in Colombia to obtain products of the basic basket. I also believe that the most important thing I left in Venezuela was my family and my home, and this led me to think that settling in Colombia is the best option, since it is the closest country to move to in case of a family or legal emergency.

It has been a little difficult to control xenophobia, a year and four months ago I had an accident at work and I had no attention from the company and the bosses where I worked, consequently, I have not been able to return to work because I have not yet fully recovered. In addition, I have not been able to fulfill my plans because of the aforementioned accident.

I would like to tell my family and friends to come to Colombia because they are more stable and they will be more comfortable and have a better quality of life.

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