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About us?

A foundation committed to helping find solutions to the social problems confronted by women (intrafamily violence, violence against women, child abuse, migration, displacement, social violence, gender violence and school) in populations where they are pervasive. Our goal is to assist those who wish to transform their realities and be agents of their own change, through psychosocial attention and intervention in the construction of resilient life projects.  Our approach is through the utilization of a process of acceptance, adaptation and learning in order to achieve well-being. Integral with the search for well-being will be the fostering of social responsibility from the family to society, through the transformation of recyclable material, thus demonstrating an awareness of caring for the environment.

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To help guide solutions to various social problems in populations with diverse needs, among whom are many who wish to transform their realities through a process of learning and adaptation in order to enhance their well-being.  To achieve this purpose, ECO IN DECO will conduct programs and projects from participatory action research (PAR) aimed at the development of psychosocial skills for life, with an eco - relational - systemic - therapeutic focus. Ultimately,  the population will be the agent of its own change, thus promoting social responsibility from the family level up through society at large, by way of  the transformation of recyclable material and contributing to the care of the environment.



Our Values

Transparency: Management of resources in an equitable way, being honest and open to the needs of the population. Sponsors will know how these resources are administered.

Respect: Recognize, value and treat all people with dignity, with their virtues and defects, regardless of their age, race, social strata or origin.

Tolerance: full respect for others and recognition of our differences, no matter our ideas, practices or beliefs.

Assertiveness: encourage clear, objective, transparent and honest communications, that allow for communicating your point of view without attack from others.

Our services are


Design, implementation and evaluation of Programs and projects, oriented through PAR (participation, action, research). With the perspective of the development of psychosocial skills for life, and rehabilitation, according to the needs of the population, through psychosocial attention and intervention, educational and therapeutic workshops.


Guide people to the use and transformation of recycled material as a means of economic support in families and contribution to the care of the environment.


To promote research with a qualitative and quantitative focii, generating scientific knowledge in the solution of social problems, and the publication in scientific journals of said results.

The ECO EN DECO Foundation is located in Colombia in the city of Bogotá DC in the District of Bosa. Bosa, along with the adjoining communities of Ciudad Bolivar and Soacha, is characterized by having a population with many people displaced from the countryside as a result of the decades long civil war. These communities suffer from extreme poverty, with high levels of vulnerability where social problems such as intrafamily violence, child abuse, and violence against women are evident. Contributing to these problems is the prevalent consumption of liquor and other psychoactive substances.


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savings account:  053-000277-01 Bancolombia

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