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Bertis Mercedes Sanchez

Migrating is an action that we carry out out of necessity, since we migrate looking for economic improvement and a better quality of life...

Johanny Vanessa Lugo Leon

My name is Johanny Vanessa Lugo León. My age is 23. I am from Valencia, Carabobo state; Regarding this process of emigrating, I think it is a very difficult adventure for some and an obligation for others, since circumstances force you to abandon your country and your affections to adapt to a different place with different customs. It has changed a lot since I always lived with my parents, I studied there and I was able to fulfill myself thanks to them. When I migrated, it was not easy. I had to become completely independent and start from scratch alone in a completely unknown country, but one that opened doors for me to opportunities that I did not have in my country and to goals that I could not achieve in my country.

The most important thing is my family, my parents, my siblings, they are all there, I migrated alone looking for my future since they had already achieved theirs and I had to look for mine.  I stayed here primarily because a relative, specifically an aunt, welcomed me here and I decided to stay since Venezuela was closer to me in case I ever wanted to return or in case I had to return due to different circumstances. It seemed to me a country very similar to Venezuela. I felt very well here. I have integrated very easily, thank God, I believe that the point is to do things well, be one of the good ones and dedicate yourself to work and get ahead in an honest and honorable way without harming anyone, helping others whenever you can. , in the end we came to fulfill our dreams, those that in our country were denied to us, the good ones are more.

If  it's about brands, then I'll never forget the ones of becoming a mother, Colombia gave me my children and I feel very happy about that, negative experiences I've never had here and I hope with your favor God never have them, Among my plans was to be independent, have a beautiful family, study and work in what I like, right now I have fulfilled most of them, I am currently studying and taking care of my children at home and then start working y_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ achieve many things that I want, including having my own house here or in my homeland, whatever God wants.

If you want to migrate, don't worry, focus on your goals and ask God for a lot of strength, it really is a difficult experience, but it is worth fighting for your future and for having a better quality of life, sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone to see the opportunities that life can offer us.


Esther Cermira Pena

Migration is a very difficult step, since the decision in my particular case,  I had no choice. Despite being two neighboring countries...

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