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Who We Are?

We are the Eco En Deco Foundation, a non-profit organization with legal status established on March 1, 2019.

The Eco En Deco Foundation carries out psychosocial research programs and projects and actions with collective participation, stimulating life skills and turning communities into agents of their own change, in addition to contributing to caring for the environment.

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ECO EN DECO develops and conducts programs and projects based on participatory action research (IAP) aimed at building psychosocial skills for life, with an eco - relational - systemic - therapeutic approach, where the population is the agent of its own change. This process promotes social responsibility from the family level to the societal level in advancing human rights. In concert with these goals, we are dedicated to protecting our natural environment through recycling and the promotion of other scalable beneficial environmental practices.


By 2030 we want to be an organization recognized at the district and national level for our work in solving social problems, and leaving an imprint on the population in generating a strong social fabric based on ethics, integrity and a firm commitment to human rights, as well as the protection of the natural environment; therefore, we want to be a catalyst for generating responsibility in society.

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How did the Eco En Deco Foundation come about?

The Eco En Deco Foundation was born in 2016 after carrying out an investigation in the La Igualdad neighborhood in the Kennedy district of Bogotá. This qualitative research allowed us to establish how the majority of the population of women were the ones who carried out the work of collecting and sorting recyclable materials. Most of them had an inadequate education, which made them more vulnerable to violence, not only within the family but also socially, and without knowledge of access to the protection of the authorities.

It was also identified that the collected materials did not have a process which could have a second use. This allowed us to plan the transformation of some of these materials into decorative products and promote care for the environment.

This work allows the foundation to address social and psychosocial problems in a holistically to generate solutions where the community is an agent of its own change.

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