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Social Objectives

It is important to highlight that the foundation is committed to contributing and guiding the solutions to social and psychosocial problems in populations where their rights are compromised and/or violated, and who wish to transform the reality of their existence and be agents of their own change. Incorporating a psychosocial focus and intervention approach in the construction of a life project, we are dedicated to helping them reach these goals through a process of acceptance, adaptation and learning in search of richer lives. Our ultimate objective is one where social responsibility is promoted from the family to the societal level, with the secondary goal of the transformation of recyclable materials into decorative products.

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Psychological evaluation, care and intervention

Individual and family psychological evaluation, care and intervention with accompaniment and guidance through an interdisciplinary mental health team, where people acquire tools to cope with the problems that afflict them in their daily lives and learn to deal with them in a better way.


Community Psychosocial Center

These are spaces where the family group or the community can socialize safely, empathizing with others in a respectful and reciprocal manner about their thoughts, emotions and life history.

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Our program of wellbeing and psychosocial intervention aimed at the prevention of dating violence among adolescents called "FALL IN LOVE WITH RESPECT"


Environmental Project of the Eco En Deco Foundation

 To guide the community in strategies for the proper use of organic waste in community urban gardens and/or transformation of recyclable material as an economic means of supporting families.

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Virtual Psychosocial Workshops

A process through which mental health professionals help clients facing situations of loneliness, mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress among others. The goal is to achieve through dialogue the ability to overcome the uncertainty and frustration resulting from postponing or not carrying out their ideals, especially in this post-pandemic era.


Goldsmithing (Jewelry Making)

Goldsmithing is an art where metals are worked to make pieces of jewelry and other decorative elements, in which the foundation, through its innovative team, creates the "Goldsmithing with Integration" Workshop. 

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Alliances with organizations and social groups:

• Future for All Association

• Echoes- Colombia

• Agenda for territorial development Bosa Kennedy and Soacha

• District Volunteer Council

• Autonomous Table of Women Leaders

• Network We Are

• COLMYG (operating committee for women and gender in the town of Bosa)

• Villa Suaita Community Action Board, locality of Bosa.

• Feminine Forces of the Future.

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