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In which we teach adolescents to value themselves and empower them through their rights to claim protection and recognition. In addition, young adolescents recognize the rights of women in order to build emotional, empathic, affective and assertive relationships.

The Eco En Deco Foundation has identified this problem that manifests itself in adolescents and that is obscured as "dating violence",  because in this life cycle the lack of social skills is common. In addition, their relationships with their partner are often in conflict, lacking affective ties. These behaviours can be learned in their homes, educational institutions and the community.

Our psychosocial and psychological care and intervention program is carried out under the meta-purpose of building psychosocial skills for life in the prevention of dating violence. This is so that adolescents reflect on the relationships and interactions they maintain with their partner and can be made more aware of warning signs that are not always recognized in terms of violence against women and partners. This process allows them to obtain tools to build and prevent all types of abuse towards the person, and establish new socio-affective relationships that allow interactions focused on conflict resolution. Integral to this process is the important role for parents and institutional directors to foster a support network, generating sustainability of the program.

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