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Community Psychosocial Center

It is a space where the group and/or community can socialize in a safe, empathetic way with others, respectfully and reciprocally about their thoughts, emotions and life history, recognizing that they are individuals who feel and express themselves from their own life experiences. It is divided into two focuses which are:

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where the group and/or community become aware of the importance of mental health as well-being and a fundamental right. This is done with a psychological approach in order to provide information, guidance and care options on depression, anxiety and stress, since these diseases are more prevalent and poorly understood within the vulnerable population.


Allows the group and/or community to identify the relationships and interactions that emerge with others in a complex context, and how these affect each other. Based on this premise, the construction of psychosocial skills is promoted. These skills are understood to include those competencies, attitudes, and abilities built and developed by the group and/or community which can be applied to their daily lives. In this way, they are allowed to be agents of their own change, with a multidimensional.

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