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Delvalle Aliendres

My name is Delvalle Aliendres, I am 46 years old, I am from Venezuela, from Valencia, Carabobo state, I have been living here in Bogota for 2 years. Being a migrant has not been easy, they think that the migrant here "is frowned upon" and if you are from Venezuela even more so because our political and economic situation is complex.

My life has changed completely, in health, physically and mentally to think so much about what I have left in my country, mainly my parents, my daughter, my grandson, my brothers and my home, it is very strong and painful to know that you go to another country where you do not know anything and start from scratch. Being far away from your family and losing a loved one like your dad? not being able to go to say goodbye to him generates a great emptiness. On the other hand, I have not thought of going to another country because here I am closer to my homeland and have faith that everything will change, that at any moment I will be able to return and be with my family again. I have had very few Colombian friends and those who have known me say that I am a good person because they know of my suffering of being a migrant, knowing that losing someone and not being able to be by their side, that is something that has marked me, they also know that my plans were others, but I did not get to fulfill them. Everything I have gone through, my health, my family loss and not being able to have a steady job has generated in me a sadness and an immense desire to return.

Migrating to another country is not easy and not being with your loved ones is hard, it hurts the soul and to make a decision of this magnitude to go to another country you have to think a lot. If I could go back in time 2 years ago and say.... I am leaving my country...? I would say No...

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